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With her commanding and distinct voice, Adonia Blaxk shines, even in a sea of stars. Influenced by her Houston upbringing, as well as legends such as the Notorious B.I.G., Eve, and J. Cole, Blaxk’s gritty tone and raw lyricism knocks over songs ranging from melodic to hard hitting hip hop. Blaxk has been exercising her pen since her pre-teen years, and you can tell; her originality and confidence busts through even an iPhone speaker. She aims to create community with her music, painting narratives of her own journeys over life’s hurdles with the hope of supporting and inspiring her audience. Her next single “Misfits” is expected April 9th, and is a soul bearing and personal record, dedicated to all those who have thrived and overcome the circumstances of their youths. Stay up to date with Adonia Blaxk on social media at @adoniablaxk, and find singles like “Wild Card” and more available on all platforms!





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